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New features in options

Dear owners of options accounts!
We’re proud to announce the new features in binary options: tips section and expiration time settings are updated and finally the breakout options are back.
Now in the tips section you can see expiration date and time, style of the Option and the possible reward in case of expiration or early closure (in American style Options). The updated tips are now available on all the accounts.
In expiration time settings now it’s possible to indicate the exact time, accurate to one second. For example:
11H45m — start at 11:45AM;
1hour 10 Min 33 sec – start at 1:10:33AM;
23:11:45 — expiration at 11:11:45PM;
14Hour :11m – expiration at 2:11PM.
Some possible variants of time indication:
Days: day, d
Hours: hour, h
Seconds: second, s
Minutes: all other combinations.
Please, pay your attention: to set the Options expiration date it’s necessary to use the sign “:”.

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