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Demo trading with real profit!

A new mobile-exclusive promotion will be available for Grand Trade users from: claim the profit from demo trading in your real account.

1 General terms.

1.1 The promotion is valid from February 19th, 2021 to March 20th, 2021.
1.2 The organizer of the promotion is Grand Capital.
1.3 The organizer retains the right to alter the terms of the promotion, as well as the list and specifics of the bonus.
1.4 The organizer retains the right to cancel the promotion at any time.

2. Participants

2.1 All clients with a Demo account in the mobile app Grand Trade can take part in the promotion.
2.2 Only verified users can take part in the promotion. In order to get verified, the client have to upload a scan of their ID in the Private Office, as well as verify their phone number. The organizer retains the right to ask for additional documents to confirm the client’s identity and place of residence.
2.3 Account types eligible for the promotion: Demo.
2.4 The highest allowed leverage in the participating account is 1:100.
2.5 Employees of the organizer and their relatives can not participate in the promotion.
2.6 All participants of the promotion must carefully read and follow the present rules. Ignorance of the terms can not be used as an excuse when submitting a claim.
2.7 Only individuals can take part in the promotion.

3 Terms of receiving the bonus

3.1 Participants must register in the mobile app Grand Trade, a Demo account with 1:100 leverage will be created automatically.
3.2 Participants place trades in a demo account with the purpose of making profit.
3.2.1 Only the profit received during the period not longer than two weeks starting from the first opened trade can be transferred into a real account.
3.3 Upon the end of the two-week period, the participant can submit a request to transfer the profit (if there is any) to their real account of a particular type. Transfer requests must be submitted via the client support. Write “100% profit bonus for demo trading” as the topic of your message to the client support, specify your account ID, and your full name. Request written in no particular form must be submitted via email or the support chat in the mobile app. The bonus is approved if all the participation conditions are met.
3.3.1 Depending on the profit amount, the bonus funds can be transferred to real accounts of different types.
3.3.2 Profit of at least $100 is transferred to a Standard account, while profits under $100 are transferred to a Micro account.
3.3.3 The real account to which the bonus is transferred to must not use leverage higher than 1:100.
3.4 The bonus funds equal to the profit generated in the demo account are transferred to a real account after the client makes a deposit of at least equal amount. If the deposit is less than the profit amount, the bonus funds will be transferred in the amount of the deposit.
3.5 The bonus will not be granted if the participant does not make a deposit into their real account.
3.6 The bonus transferred to a real account will become available for withdrawal after meeting the trading volume requirement: 1 lot (or 100 lots in a Micro account) per $5 of profit.
3.6.1 Only trades involving FOREX MAJORS, FOREX EXT 1, and FOREX EXT 2 are eligible for the trading volume requirement.
3.7 Profit can’t be withdrawn in part.
3.8 Claiming the bonus and/or trading with the bonus funds in different bonus accounts from one IP address is forbidden.
3.9 It is forbidden to operate an account associated with the present promotion through an anonymous proxy server. If more than 5 (five) connections to the account from different IP addresses belonging to different regions are detected, the account can be disqualified and the bonus annulled. If any concerns about the abuse of the promotion or a fraud arise, and/or falsification of the documents provided by the participant of the promotion is detected, the account can be disqualified and the client may be denied service.
3.10 Multidirectional trading is forbidden in the demo account. The company retains the right to annul all profit generated by trading in the demo account in case of violation of this article.
3.11 Bonus funds are the property of the company until they are transferred into the client’s ownership after the trading volume requirements are met.
3.12 The client’s personal funds are always used first when trading in a real account.
3.13 In case of a withdrawal or an internal transfer from the account before the trading volume requirement is met (according to the Article 3.6 of the present terms), the bonus funds are annulled prematurely.

6 Claims

6.1 All claims can be directed to [email protected]
6.2 All claims must contain the client’s full name, precise address, account ID and a thorough description of the problem.

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Commission-free deposits

Payment systems that you use for making deposits into your trading account take fees for the conduction of financial operations. On the average, they are about 2–10% of the total sum, or more.

We at Grand Capital always strive to create better trading conditions for our clients. That’s why we compensate the commission of all payment systems* and return the difference to the client’s trading account.

—Deposits of any amount are commission-free.
—Commission of all payment systems is compensated (except blockchain, bank and wire transfers).
—Compensation is credited to a client’s trading account together with the deposit.
—Commission amount is calculated and transferred automatically.
—The promotion is valid indefinitely.
—Clients from any country can participate in the promotion.
—More detailed information about the offer can be found in the Regulation of the processing of non-trading operations.

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