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Promotions and Bonuses

Win prizes to celebrate 13th anniversary of Grand Capital in October!

This October Grand Capital is turning 13, and to celebrate our anniversary we invite all clients to participate in a special promotion!
Prizes will be awarded to the most successful, active and loyal clients in four categories! Each category will have ten winners.
Prizes: MacBook Air (4), iPhone 11 (4), Samsung Galaxy s10e (4), and a total of $15,000 in bonuses.
Prizes will be awarded in four categories:
—Largest number of trades;
—Trade with highest yield by value;
—Highest total trading volume;
—Trade with biggest price difference in favor of the client, %.

Terms of the promotion:
1. All clients of the company who use any of our real trading accounts (Standard, Micro, ECN, MT5, Swap Free, Crypto) can participate in the promotion. Deposit bonuses are also factored into the results.
2. The promotion is active during the period of October 1st–November 15th.
3. The promotion applies only to trading involving deposits made during the period of the promotion.
4. If a client uses several accounts of one or different types for trading simultaneously, the final results will include trading conducted on all accounts of the client.
5. Minimum balance required to enter the promotion is $300 (one-time deposit into one account).
6. The promotion has four categories. Each category has ten winners.
—1st place: MacBook Air;
—2nd place: iPhone 11;
—3rd place: Samsung Galaxy s10e;
—4th and 5th places: $1,000 bonus with withdrawable profit;
—6th and 7th places: $500 bonus with withdrawable profit;
—8th, 9th and 10th places: $300 bonus with withdrawable profit.
7. Internal transfers are not treated as deposit.
8. The company reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.
9. If there’s a reasonable suspicion of fraud or promotion abuse, the client can be disqualified from participation and the results of the promotion can be reconsidered.
Terms of use of bonus funds:
1. All bonuses are not withdrawable.
2. All profit can be withdrawn.
3. Minimum amount of profit withdrawal is $100. After the first withdrawal, the bonus funds are deducted from the client’s balance. Maximum amount of profit withdrawal is $1,000.
4. A withdrawal request can be submitted only after reaching a certain trading volume: at least 50 lots and 100 orders for the $1,000 bonus, at least 25 lots and 50 orders for the $500 bonus, and at least 15 lots and 40 orders for the $300 bonus.
5. The bonus funds are active for the period of one month after receiving.
6. To receive the prize, submit a request to our client support through the ticket system in your Private Office within two weeks after the results of the promotion are announced. If you fail to do so, your prize will expire following two weeks after the announcement.
7. Prizes for the first, second and third places are awarded in person in an office of the company, mailed, or a sum equivalent to the price of the prize is transferred to the client’s account balance. The whole amount will be immediately available for withdrawal. The method of prize delivery is decided by the company.
How the winners are determined:
1. The results of the promotion will be based only on trading conducted and deposits made during the period from October 1st to November 15th.
2. The duration of the contest is six weeks.
3. Only clients who click “Participate” will be able to take part in the promotion.
4. All participants must make a deposit into any real trading account at Grand Capital during the run of the promotion and start trading.
5. Clients may make deposits into different accounts, all accounts that have been deposited into during the promotion run will be automatically factored into the leaderboard from the moment a deposit is made.
6. The results of all trading accounts of one client will be added together to calculate the final result.
7. Every week, interim results in each category will be published on the company’s website.
8. Interim results will be based on a continuous period of 14 days.
9. If a participant’s result of the following two-week period are better than that of the previous one, the new result will be entered into the leaderboard.
10. In the opposite scenario, the current result in the leaderboard will stay the same.
11. The best result from a continuous 14-day period during the promotion run will be entered into the final leaderboard.
12. Only trading that involved instrument groups FOREX MAJORS, FOREX EXT1, EXT2 and ECN_M are eligible for the category “Highest total trading volume”.
13. The results will be announced before November 20th, the names of the winners will be published on the website.
How to participate?
1. In order to participate in the promotion, register on the website, or log in if you already have an account, and click “Take part” in the bonus section on our website.
2. Deposit at least $300 into a new or existing account during the period from October 1st to November 1st and start trading.
3. Please be aware that if you don’t click on “Participate” button, you will not be able to claim participation in the contest.

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Commission-free deposits

Payment systems that you use for making deposits into your trading account take fees for the conduction of financial operations. On the average, they are about 2–10% of the total sum, or more.

We at Grand Capital always strive to create better trading conditions for our clients. That’s why we compensate the commission of all payment systems* and return the difference to the client’s trading account.

—Deposits of any amount are commission-free.
—Commission of all payment systems* is compensated.
—Compensation is credited to a client’s trading account together with the deposit.
—Commission amount is calculated and transferred automatically.
—The promotion is valid indefinitely.
—Clients from any country can participate in the promotion.

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Day of Risk-Free trading

"Day of risk-free trading" provides all clients of Grand Capital trading on Binary accounts with a whole day of risk-free trading!

1 General Terms and Conditions
1.1 The promotion is valid indefinitely. It will be announced if the promotion should discontinue.
1.2 The promotion is organized by Grand Capital.
1.3 The organizer has the right to change conditions of the promotion at any time.
1.4 The organizer has the right to cancel the promotion at any time.
2 Participants
2.1 All clients of Grand Capital are able to take part in the promotion.
2.2 In order to participate in the promotion one needs to verify his or her mobile phone number and provide the necessary documentation for identity verification.
2.3 Trading accounts that are eligible to participate in the promotion: Real Binary, Real Binary Pro.
2.4 During one calendar month the client can receive the full compensation of the loss taken during one whole day of trading. To receive the compensation, the client must deposit to Binary account at least once during this month. The client can choose any trading day for loss compensation. However, the request cannot be filed later than the 31st day from the moment of the loss taken. The whole amount will be granted to his/her account as a bonus.
2.5 The maximum amount of the bonuses granted cannot exceed $10 000.
2.6 Employees of Grand Capital and their relatives cannot participate in the promotion.
2.7 Any participant must adhere to the rules and read them carefully. Ignorance of the rules cannot serve as an argument when submitting a claim.
2.8 The account participating in the promotion cannot claim other bonuses or participate in other promotions.
3 Bonus request, receipt of the bonus and bonus expiry
3.1 To receive the bonus funds, choose the account and the date the loss will be compensated for in the "Day of risk-free trading" field in "Bonuses" section of your Personal account.
In order to receive the bonus, the participant must apply for it through the Personal account. On the Bonuses and Promotions page, the client needs to choose the trading account and press “Get the bonus” button.
3.2 The bonus will be granted right after the request is submitted.
3.3 The bonus funds will remain on the account for 6 months only.
3.4 Once the 6-month period is over, the bonus funds will be deducted from the account if the bonus requirements are not fulfilled.
3.5 After the bonus is deposited all funds on the client’s account are divided into 2 parts: client’s personal funds (funds on the account before the bonus was granted) and bonus funds (all active bonuses and the profit gained using the bonus funds). The proportion between these two parts will be used for further calculations and is updated after each deposit/withdrawal.
3.6 When profit is made, the amount is distributed between the client’s personal funds and bonus funds proportionally.
3.7 If a trade(s) result(s) in a loss of funds, the loss in proportional to client's personal funds and the bonus funds
3.8 Before the bonus requirements are fulfilled, the client’s personal funds which were not used to receive the bonus remain free for withdrawal at any time, as well as the part of the profit, made using the mentioned funds.
3.9 Bonus funds, as well as the funds deposited by the client, will be available for withdrawal once the collective trading volume exceeds the bonus amount in 40 times.
3.10 The client has the right to cancel the bonus at any time. In this case, the whole bonus amount is deducted from the account as well as the profit received using the bonus funds. The remaining personal funds of the client will be available for withdrawal.
3.11 If the account balance is 10 USD or 10% from the active bonus funds, all bonuses and the profit made using the bonus funds are deducted from the account.
3.12 Please mind that to prevent any fraudulent activity or upon detecting such activity, the Company holds the right to deduct all bonus funds from a client’s account without any prior notice.
3.13 If funds are withdrawn from the trading account, the amount equal to the withdrawn amount will be deducted from the bonus funds.
3.14 Internal transfers, commissions, and other non-trading transactions are considered to be a withdrawal.
3.15 The Company can deny bonus as well as deduct existing bonus with the profit made using the bonus funds at any time without prior notice and any comment.
3.16 On the trading account the bonus is granted to it is prohibited to trade using an anonymous proxy server. Upon detection of more than 5 (five) connections to the account from different IP addresses belonging to different regions/countries, the account can be disqualified and the bonus canceled. If any fraudulent activity and attempt to abuse the bonus scheme as well as falsification of the documents provided are detected, such account can be disqualified and the client can be denied service.
3.17 Partners cannot receive a commission for the client trading using the bonus funds.
3.18 Bonus funds belong to the Organizer.
4 Making the bonus withdrawable
4.1 The bonus funds become withdrawable once the total trading volume exceeds the amount of the bonus funds in 40 times.
4.2 To claim the bonus funds the participant should create a request. The headline of the request should include: “Day of risk-free trading” – make my bonus withdrawable, trading account number, last name, first name). The request can be sent via email or Personal account.
5 Claims
5.1 All claims regarding the promotions can be sent to [email protected]
5.2 All claims should include Full name, the address, account number and a thorough description of the issue.

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