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What is Payback?

Payback is a new Grand Capital loyalty program where every client can receive a monetary compensation for active trading.

Payback program does not have any hidden conditions or requirements based on the number of lots traded. We just pay you back for your trading activities!


Payback Advantages

  • Payback is real money which you can withdraw as soon as it is deposited to your account.

  • The payback does not depend on the number of lots; however it depends on the number of trading days.

  • A client becomes eligible for a payback after 5 days of trading continuously. The more days you trade, the more money you get in return.

  • After 5 days of trading, the Payback is deposited on a daily basis. The full statistics is available in your Private Office.

  • Payback amount is calculated based on the number of days of active trading. Depending on the number of days you trade, you will be given one of the following statuses.

How to participate?

  • Open an account Standard
  • Trade any instruments except CFD STOCK USA and Russian Stocks
  • Trade continuously for 6 days while placing at least one trade a day
  • The longer your period of continuous trading, the larger your reward

Statuses and Rewards


5 or less days


6 to 15 days


16 to 30 days


over 31 days

How is Payback Calculated and Deposited?

Payback is calculated starting from the 6th day of active trading. Active trading day is a day when a trade was open or closed. The trade should be at least 5 minutes long.

For example, you trade 7 days in a row. (Weekends are not considered). There is no payback for the first 5 days of trading. On the 6th day you place two trades (0,1 lot) and 10 trades (0,4 lot) on the 7th day. In this case your payback will be as follows:
0.5 * 1.5 = $0.75

Terms and conditions

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