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It’s commonly believed that success in currency trading comes from professionalism and luck. However, often it’s far from the truth. You should always remember that it’s not traders who buy and sell assets in Forex, but brokers, and the outcome of every transaction largely depends on them ...


How to make money in Forex? This is the most common question asked by all newcomers to the world of finance. If you’re serious about starting to trade on a stock exchange, but the incomprehensible words in the title confuse you, don’t panic: this article is for you ...


Traders buy CFDs (contracts for difference) to speculate on their prices within the day without purchasing the actual asset. ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are used for long-term investments to diversify one’s funds and generate passive income. What would happen if we combine the two?

Grand Capital now offers stock ETF ...


Regular winners of Grand Capital contests sometimes honestly admit to the use of Forex robots. Meanwhile, many participants use contests to test their trading strategies and will never trust an automated advisor. Let’s figure out which trading method brings more profit and has fewer risks.

Forex advisor or a ...


Trading terminal MetaTrader 4 is the most popular software solution for financial market trading today. The platform boasts user-friendly interface, easy to navigate even if you’re beginner. 

Features of MT4 include: 

  • Tools for analysis of the financial markets (technical indicators, chart objects); 

  • Current price order execution system, and pending ...


On the average, about 1,500 traders a month sign up for each contest organized by Grand Capital. The number of participation requests show that intense competition doesn’t scare, but rather attracts traders.

1,791 traders have signed up for the next round for one of our contests, and ...


Trading robots are special pieces of software designed to use with the trading terminals MetaTrader 4 and 5. Robots can open and close trades and are based on algorithms that use original Forex strategies. 

There are thousands of robots (expert advisors, EAs) used for trading in Forex, usually they are ...


What makes the 40% deposit bonus offered by Grand Capital the most popular among traders? The answer is simple: it’s the bonus with the most advantageous and transparent terms out there. Here’s how to claim it, use it for trading, and make a guaranteed withdrawal to your bank ...


Last month, the American tech giant Apple announced a four-way stock split. Traders had hardly had time to digest this information before it was followed by a similar announcement from Tesla. Here’s why large corporations split their stocks, and how an ordinary trader can make money off of it ...


Tuesday, August 18th, today’s news—Norway's sovereign fund, the world's largest, posted a loss of $21 billion in the first six months of 2020. American markets rise in a tech-fuelled rally, European shares fall amid the Sino-US tensions and rising coronavirus cases, the dollar continues to weaken ...


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